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True North - Finding Your Self Again
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Self Discovery / Personal Development Programs

Group Lectures & Workshops


    • Medicate or Meditate?
      Does the word "meditation" elicit images of sitting crunched like a pretzel on a huge pillow, the smell of burning incense, twanging Asian music and chanting strange syllables? Relax -- there are countless ways to "meditate". According to Harvard Medical School's Mind-Body Medicine Program, eliciting the relaxation response (commonly referred to as "meditation") can be as powerful as many medications on the market. Learn about the physiology of relaxation, and the many different ways to harness your body's own biochemistry.

    • Dr. Joy's Playshops
      Does your work place, church group, treatment provider organization, or other group need a regular fix of relaxation activities? Most of the activities come from Dr. Joy's "Ice Cream for the Soul" book, customized to your employees or members. Contact us ( sharedpaths @ yahoo.com) for playshops held at your group's location.

    • Guided Imagery
      Creative Visualization (guided imagery) is a structured form of meditation. Rather than focusing on a single word, phrase or sound, the participant focuses on the words of the instructor and the soft, relaxing background music.

    Programs can also be designed to encompass several different techniques, and center around a specific health concern (eg, managing stress, living with diabetes or chronic pain, staying in recovery from addiction, etc). Contact us by e-mail for more information.

Cognitive Restructuring
    • Changing Your Mind  
      Thought preceeds action and emotions. Until you first learn how to change your mind, you won't make any lasting changes in how you move through the world. Basically, you have to think differently in order to act differently. Most of our thoughts are automatic, and many are subconscious. Learn how to change your automatic thoughts to move in healthier new directions.

    • Everyday Joy
      Are you someone who typically sees what's wrong with yourself, your life or other people, rather than what's right? Joy is an everyday choice, and this program will teach you techniques to become more optimistic, and more easily see and focus on the joy that is present in each and every day.

      In the words of the M. Scott Peck, "Life is difficult." Living with chronic or life-threatening disease, or growing up in a dysfunctional home, can sometimes create unconscious automatic thoughts that result in our going through life chronically tired and sad, as if we have blinders on to the good things that happen each and every day. Some of us our natural optimists, and others of us have to learn how to be optimistic. This program centers on Dr. Martin Seligman's "learned optimism" and resiliency training concepts, and is augmented by guided imagery, playful meditation exercises, journaling, and cognitive restructuring. Learn how to turn your "I can't" into "I can!

Myers Briggs Personality Type  learn more

    • Uncovering Your "Best Fit" Type
      According to the MBTI training handbook5, the MBTI© can mistype up to 50% of the people who take the inventory in a group setting. If you are one of the many people who have taken the MBTI© in a group setting, via the Internet, or using a short questionnaire in a book, consider signing up for this program.

      There are many misunderstandings about the MBTI™. It was never designed to be used as a stand-alone test, and only identifies corect, or "best fit", type between 53-85% of the time. The 1 - 10 score associated with each category reflects how certain you are that you fall on one side of the line or the other, not how strongly you exhibit that trait. * In other words, having a borderline score doesn't mean you're a well-balanced person. It usually means you aren't sure of who you really are! When people take the MBTI™ in a group setting, especially a workplace setting, they often don't have access to the one-on-one counseling process that is necessary to separate learned or acquired behavior from inborn, natural behavior. Invest some time in yourself to uncover your true "best fit" type.

    • Type-ing Your Way to Better Health
      Learn how to apply Myers Briggs personality type to maintaining or improving your health. This three hour program teaches you how to create a healthier lifestyle based on the needs of your specific personality type.

    • Type-ing Your Way to a Healthier Weight
      This is a three hour program focusing on type-specific solutions for fitness, diet and stress management to enhance your weight reduction efforts.

    • Type-ing Your Way to Fitness
      Most health educators and personal trainers are "SJ", and take an "SJ" approach to teaching people fitness strategies. This program introduces flexible, creative ways to become more physically fit, in addition to the tried and true "SJ" approaches.

    • Type-ing Your Way Through Stress
      Each Myers Briggs personality type responds uniquely and predictably to life's stressors. Learn how your type typicically responds to stress, and design type-specific solutions to manage your stress.


    • The Write Way to Health & Wellness
      Medical researchers have documented the physiologic link between writing about events that have strong emotional value to us and our immune system function, academic and work performance3. Participate in this program to learn the difference between keeping a diary and writing in a way that can improve health. Pennebaker is the leading researcher on using writing as a way to improve your health, school and work performance and. Together with endocrinology researchers at Ohio State University College of Medicine, he has documented positive physiologic changes in immune system function, including increased T cells, through specific types of journaling. In this program you will learn how to maximize the health benefits of writing.

    • The Write Way to Refresh Your Spirit
      Journaling can be used to bring you in closer connection with your spirit and higher power. This half-day program introduces the learner to several different methods of spiritual journaling.

True North™
True North is a week-long one-on-one intensive designed for people who feel stuck in their current life circumstances. The program combines guided imagery, hands-on intuitive sessions, automatic and structured writing, mild to moderate physical exercise (walking, hiking, lap swimming, exercise bicycle, or jogging), Myers Briggs personality type "best fit" determination, and selected activities from Dr. Koenig's book "Ice Cream for the Soul".


Workshops & Lectures: Minimum 10 participants
Workshops: Maximum 20 participants

Please contact Dr. Koenig for fees and availability ( sharedpaths @yahoo.com )


For Substance Abuse Treatment Providers & Physicians: Program Background

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1   MBTI® Manual. A Guide to the Development and Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. Third Edition. Isabel Briggs Myers, et al. Chapter 9 (Validity); pages 171-219.
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